WordPress tips

WordPress tips

WordPress tips

How to create a home page in wordpress

You can create a dynamic or static homepage, depending on the usage you will make of your website.

  • A dynamic homepage refers to your latest blogs
  • A static homepage is set up together with a blogs page containing your latest logs

You will find the settings for your homepage in your wordpress dashboard under settings>readings

It looks as follows:

Let us focus on the static one.

Just know that by creating a separate page for your homepage it is harder to customize once it is set. Meaning it is static.

To do so, you need to make a Separate Page for both Home and Blog Posts in WordPress first.

Those are the STEPS

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard >pages>add new
  2. Add two pages, Home and Blog (or any other name of your liking) and use them as your home and blog page. 
  3. Add no content to the blog pages, just set up your homepage.

It looks like this: 

Once those pages are added, 

4. Go to your WordPress dashboard >settings>reading 

5. Use the section > ‘Your homepage displays’

6. Flag > the static page 

7. Use the two pages home and blog (or your selected names) and save

It looks like this:

Statis page settings in WordPress
Static page settings in WordPress

8. Going back to your WordPress dashboard > pages > all pages you’ll notice that your home and blog page are labeled front page and posts page now. 

Your automatic generated blogs Page

9. View your homepage by clicking on the title.

Your blank home page

It is a blank page that you will have to edit and customize as well. 
Once done, you are finished
Well done!

10. Add the blog page to your top menu.

Cool? Right!

Now tell us, how did you make your homepage? Static or dynamic? Why?

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